Spring Garden Curriculum

Waldorf education curriculum incorporates art, music and craftsmanship alongside reading, writing, math and science. Academic concepts are taught by the block method of studying a particular theme for a number of weeks.

Learning is the primary goal, not testing and grades. Special subject integration into main lesson material is key to the holistic academic experience.

Special subjects include:

Spanish: Foreign language is taught throughout all the grades using story, song, rhyme and movement. Students develop skills in grammar, reading and translation.

Arts: Drama, painting, drawing, modeling, woodworking and movement deepen the students’ experience of the curriculum. Each class presents a dramatic performance each year.

Music: Music permeates every child’s school experience each day through singing, learning musical notation, performances, and instruction on multiple musical instruments that all children receive.

Physical Education: The physical education program begins in the lower grades with games in a non-competitive environment. The fifth grade physical education program provides the transition into competitive sports with a Greek Pentathlon held in spring.

Handwork: Through learning to knit, crochet, cross stitch and sew handwork, children learn the value of creating practical and beautiful objects with their own hands.

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