Elementary School

KnightWe transition children from Early Childhood to Elementary School with their love of self and learning intact.  The focus of school in the early years of elementary is learning to learn and loving to learn — not testing.

We spend these first 2 years of formal schooling helping children transition out of the play-focused family environment in Early Childhood, so they can begin to thrive in a more structured school environment that still allows lots of time for play and physical experience.

Our First and Second grade students focus on getting along with peers, behaving without parental supervision, sitting quietly and listening to their teacher – all while they explore the basics of linguistic and mathematical academics.

As our school’s founder once said: “The heart of the Waldorf method is that education is an art – it must speak to the child’s experience. To educate the whole child, his heart and his will must be reached, as well as the mind.”

By third grade, students are experiencing Piaget’s concrete operational cognition and are ready to learn, to ask tough questions and to make connections between themselves and the world around them.

Studies show that people learn best when engaged, so we keep our older Elementary School children moving as they learn – ensuring that students don’t just memorize, but truly comprehend and process, what they learn during these formative educational years.

For example, at Spring Garden, science comes alive outdoors in gardening class. Ancient Greek history and language art lessons live on in Olympiad event training in gym class.

Students also stay engaged by interweaving arts into every main lesson subject. Waldorf Elementary School children take pride in creating their own textbooks for math, science, language and history lessons. Literature and history about the Old Testament, Norse mythology, and Greek culture comes to life through recitation, folk dance and plays performed during assembly and after school.

Learn more about our unique educational experience, by seeing it in action at our Walk Through The Grades and Open Houses. Or schedule a private tour through in session classes by calling or emailing our Admissions Director: 330-666-0574 or admissions@sgws.org.

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