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The Annual Giving Campaign

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The Annual Giving Campaign has begun! Take a moment to make your tax-deductible pledge today. You can pay with check or credit card, or charge your donation in monthly payments through your MCA account. Drop your pledge card in the box in the lobby, or click here to make an online pledge today! We have 100% participation from our Board of Trustees, bringing us to 16% of our goal of $25,000. 100% participation from our entire community is important. We need everyone’s help because having 100% of families, faculty and staff donate is essential when we submit grant requests. Not only that, but your contribution helps make the Waldorf Difference by funding the materials we need for our wonderfully diverse curriculum. A $100 donation could buy: 14...

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Early Childhood Class Update – Miss Julie, February 4, 2013

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Dear Families, Our class will celebrate Valentine’s Day on February 14th.  We celebrate this day of friendship by exchanging valentines with one another in the morning.  We will have our regular snack of vegetable soup on this day.  In preparation for this day, you may either help your child to make a valentine for each of her/his classmates, or you may purchase valentines for everyone in the class. Here are some things to keep in mind when you’re getting the valentines ready to go: -There are seventeen children and two teachers in the class. -Please remember that valentines should be free of images from t.v., movies, video games, etc. -All valentines should be essentially the same and free from names in order to prevent hurt feelings over...

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Protected: Class 4 Update – January 29, 2013

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Dear Parents, A few updates and reminders: *February 14th – Early Dismissal *February 15-18 – Winter Break, No School *February 22nd – Assembly, 9:00 From the bitter cold of last week to the unseasonably warm days we are having now, the world seems unsure how to find its balance. Likewise the children in the class are seeking balance of their own in all areas from what to wear to how to focus their attention toward the many things going on in class. Last week we continued our work with the Norse Myths, composing descriptions of different characters and working to use different parts of speech, especially prepositional phrases, to develop their writing.  This was a great challenge for many of the students, and I would encourage you to work with them on...

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Early Childhood Class Update – Miss. Kathy, January 21, 2013

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Dear Extended Care Families, The children came back from holiday break relaxed, calm and happy to see one another.  The afternoon life rhythm here at Spring Garden has become such a strong part of the children’s daily life that with only a few gentle reminders we were able to get back into the swing of things.  It was like we had never been away from one another. As a mother and teacher I always like to stress the importance of a daily life rhythm.  Having a consistent routine (rhythm) is also a preventative to illness, builds an inner knowing of time, makes transitions easier, eliminates discipline problems, builds trust in children’s surrounding environment and overall decreases stress in children because they always knows what is going to happen next. ...

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Early Childhood Class Update – Miss Julie, January 17, 2013

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“Behold the dwarves inside the hill, Their tiny hammers are never still. They work and work deep underground, And as they work the rocks resound!” Dear Parents, I hope the New Year is treating you all well!  After our long break, the children have come back for the most part refreshed, ready to work and certainly ready to play. After a week of getting used to being back at school, the children all seem confident and eager to do the right thing.  It ʼs good to see them settle in, with focus and flexibility. During our first week back, the children heard the story of Baboushka, who is so focused on sweeping her house that she misses going on an exciting journey.  As I told the children, she never ends up finding the way, but around this time of year she...

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