Parent Child

Parents and children (ages 18 months to 4 years old) join together in a class that is held mostly outdoors and imitates the rhythms and atmosphere of a Waldorf early childhood class experience.  Classes are taught by Marina Ristev Rana, an experienced Waldorf Early Childhood teacher.  Children are guided through the morning by the gently […]

Early Childhood

Our Early Childhood Program is an extension of the family experience; a step between home and formal schooling. We offer three classrooms in our program: The Bluebell Garden – Our program and classroom for children 3-year-olds by June 1st. This program serves as an extension of home as children are gently led through a warm […]

Elementary School

We transition children from Early Childhood to Elementary School with their love of self and learning intact.  The focus of school in the early years of elementary is learning to learn and loving to learn — not testing. Our Elementary school curriculum inspires the artistic, creative, and imaginative life of the child while providing a strong […]

Middle School

Middle school students are ready to be enthusiastic critical thinkers, observing the world around them and drawing their own conclusions. Exceptional curriculum provides our older students with a well-rounded, classical education and a strong foundation for creative, conceptual and abstract thinking. Experiential learning is still key in these years as we continue to integrate the […]

About Our School

Spring Garden is part of the long-standing Waldorf tradition, a worldwide movement putting Rudolf Steiner’s educational philosophy into practice. We at Spring Garden Waldorf are committed to educating each child so that he or she will contribute to the future of the world with clear and creative thinking, compassion, moral strength, and courage. The Waldorf method works […]

Visit Us in 2017/2018

Spring Garden is part of the long­standing Waldorf tradition, drawing attention for what the New York Times calls, “a teaching philosophy focused on physical activity and learning through creative, hands­ on tasks… Implementing the right thing at the right time and following a multi­disciplinary approach to teaching, which is supported by modern­ day scientific research […]