Children’s Festival and Artists’ Market

Whether your child is 3, 13 or beyond, they’ll have fun and be entertained at our annual Children’s Festival and Artists’ Market held on the Saturday before Thanksgiving in November.  The festival takes place at our school, located at 1791 South Jacoby Rd in Copley, OH. 

Children of all ages love the free or low-cost ticketed activities including magical cookie fairy and boat wish rooms, along with unique crafts. Younger children especially love the face painting, puppet shows and storytelling. All ages, young or old, enjoy the varied activities in our gym.

In the Artisan’s market, children and parents can spend a little money on beautiful handmade gifts or toys for the Holidays. They can also enjoy a delicious café which offers wholesome, homemade food and baked goods. Lunch is served — pizza, cabbage-chickpea-dill soup, vegetarian and meat chili, meat and vegetarian quiche and a variety of desserts from our bake sale. And while dining and shopping, folks get to enjoy live local entertainment.


Don’t miss out!  Events and crafts are funded through low cost ticket purchase and Admission to the Festival is only $3 cash.