Class 4 Update – January 14

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Dear Parents,

Some updates and reminders:

*Friday, January 18th – Early Dismissal – 2:00, Winter Program – 7:00 (Students in classrooms at 6:30)

*Monday, January 21st – MLK Day – No school

*Tuesday, January 22nd – Class Meeting – 7:00


Returning from winter break the students were ready for new challenges, to continue the work we had begun and to take the next steps forward. Though the weather felt more like spring, they faced the new material of our Norse Myths with the attention of winter work.

In class last week we heard the stories of the traditional Norse myths, the stories of the gods and giants and the struggle between the two.  Themes of honor and integrity mingle with temptation and trickery to bring up questions of what is right, meeting ideally the inner questions coming up for many of the students at this time. This material also provides ample opportunity to work with writing skills.  Writing, editing, and revising has become a consistent part of main lesson book work, and the class is developing the ability to both write with greater clarity as well as to apply their knowledge of grammar to evaluating their own work and that of others.

This process will also be addressed through our writing homework over the next few weeks. We put instruction pages and examples into the students’ composition books in class today to establish the new process, which in short consists of daily journaling, work in class on Wednesdays to edit each other’s work, and practice during homework time at home to write new material and address challenges in earlier work.  Please ask your child to explain this process to you, go over the instruction and example pages with them, and ask them to clarify in class anything about the process which is unclear.  I’ll also gladly address any questions or concerns at our class meeting next week.

This week we continue our work with composition and language skills, addressing use of subject and object pronouns such as who and whom in written work while creating individual compositions about the stories heard in class.  We will also keep working on skills in fractions during class and in homework practice in addition to our other work.  The class is becoming increasingly confident in their understanding of these concepts, and I look forward to moving ahead with them in other areas related to fractions in our upcoming block.

As we move into this period of winter work and deepening stories I hope that you will see the strength of these stories on the inner life of the child.  I hope to address this in further detail at our meeting next week, and am open to discussing any other areas you feel are important, just let me know in advance so I can prepare.  As always, please let me know if you have any questions or concerns about what is going on in class, and I wish you all peace and blessings.


Class 4 Update – January 14

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