Early Childhood Class Update – Miss Julie, January 17, 2013

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“Behold the dwarves inside the hill, Their tiny hammers are never still. They work and work deep underground, And as they work the rocks resound!”

Dear Parents,

I hope the New Year is treating you all well!  After our long break, the children have come back for the most part refreshed, ready to work and certainly ready to play. After a week of getting used to being back at school, the children all seem confident and eager to do the right thing.  It ʼs good to see them settle in, with focus and flexibility.

During our first week back, the children heard the story of Baboushka, who is so focused on sweeping her house that she misses going on an exciting journey.  As I told the children, she never ends up finding the way, but around this time of year she sometimes travels around and along the way she may come to the childrenʼs rooms when they are not there; to sweep the room clean, and leave a sweet baked treat.  After this story one day, I heard some of the children discussing Baboushka among themselves, wondering if she was real or pretend.  They did not come to an agreement, but it surely does show how deeply the children are listening to the stories that are told to them.  :)

Last week, our circle introduced poems and songs about the dwarves who work deep underground, hacking and cracking the rocks and the stones.  It is a very rhythmic rhyme, and the children have been participating with gusto.  This week, we have added verses about the woodcutter, which have also been well received by these hard working children.

Our story this week has been a childrenʼs classic, the tale of Jack and the eanstalk.  Perhaps you have heard some little giants around your house, saying as they go “Fee-fi-fo-fum!  I smell the blood of an Englishman!”  It is nice to see the children ʼs growing ability to pay attention to longer stories such as this one, as they are quiet from beginning to end.

Next week will bring more winter time rhymes to our circle, all about snowmen and the snow falling all over the land.  Perhaps we will even have some snow by then to play in outside!

The upcoming weeks will welcome stories about a little bird who is rescued from the cold by a little girl who finds it in the barn when milking her family ʼs cow.  This will be followed by a story that you just might be familiar with – The Princess and the Pea.

Please, I ʼd like to make a request that you let your children find out on their own about the stories at school – part of the excitement of the first day of the week is finding out which story will be told.  Thanks for your help with this!

We have been busy finger knitting, and sanding blocks of wood to use a little bit later on in the month for some lovely wood working creations.  In the next month or two, the children will also be having their first chance of the year to use sculpting beeswax as a class.

If you have any questions or comments about what weʼre doing in class, or how your child is doing, please drop me a note or come talk to me.  Iʼd love to chat with you!


Ms. Julie

Notes and Reminders:

-Our class meeting  is coming up on Tuesday,  January 29th, from 7-8p.m.  Please plan on sending at least one parent to spend this time at school.  We will get a chance to create something out of beeswax, talk about the upcoming assessments for first grade, and discuss the topic of discipline.  As always, if possible, I encourage you to arrange for at-home  babysitting for your child(ren) for this event, since it falls right around children ʼs bedtimes.  Childcare at school will be provided if you need it, and it will be organized a little differently this time around.  As a reminder, all children must be at least 4 years old to be left in childcare at school.  Also, youʼre asked to sign up ahead of time if you plan on using this service.  The sign up sheets are on the office window in the school lobby.

-It would be lovely if everyone could volunteer to send in a meal for the Ledley family as they welcome the newest member of the family soon.  A sign up sheet will be posted soon on the office windows in the school lobby.  Thanks for your help!

-We will have a day off school next Monday, January 21st  in observance of Martin Luther King Day.  This Friday, we will have early dismissal at 2:00.  The children in grades 2-8 will be performing Friday night in our Winter Program at 7:00 p.m.  You and your family are welcome to attend if you ʼd like to see what ʼs in store a few years down the road.

-I will be taking a day off school next Wednesday, January 23rd for a doctorʼs appointment.  Ms. Stephanie will be leading the class, assisted by a substitute.  I won ʼt be announcing this to the children, but perhaps you ʼd like to be able to prepare your son or daughter as you get him/her ready for school that day.  I will let you be the judge of whether your child(ren) will be more comfortable knowing in advance.  If that would throw off your morning routine too much, you could just come in and let them find out in the morning meadow.

Early Childhood Class Update – Miss Julie, January 17, 2013

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