Kindergarten Curriculum

Academic activities are not found in a Waldorf Kindergarten. The emphasis is on developing skills through experience. Here are the experiences and a brief description of their significance.


Creative Play Time: 
An atmosphere of work permeates the room. Play is important work for children. While the teacher prepares  snack or sews a doll, the children play and imagine with a wide variety of natural toys and materials. Learning: Development of the imagination, social interaction with peers, problem solving, and carrying tasks to completion are just some skills developed during creative play.

Circle / Story Time:
The class comes together to sing songs, recite versus or listen to a teacher told story. Learning: Repeating and remembering verses builds memory. The ability to sit and listen to an adult for a sustained period is developed at this time as well. The story told by the teacher also exposes children to the beauty of language which supports literacy skills builds the person-to-person relationship between teacher and child.

Artistic Activity:
Wet-on wet water coloring, beeswax modeling, crayon work and sewing/finger knitting are done as a group activity, although each child is absorbed in their own work. Learning: These activities encourage the child’s natural sense of beauty and color. These artistic techniques will be built on in further grades.  They also develop motor / visual learning skills and the ability to focus on a task for a lengthened time.

Snack Time:
A group activity where children prepare snack together and eat together. The children also clean up after themselves and tidy the room. Learning: This time is a good transition example of home to school life. It also teaches social interaction, how to follow directions, the science of cooking and cleaning and personal responsibility.

Outdoor Play:
Children are free now to run, use imaginations, and experience the outdoor world in all seasons. Waldorf outdoor time happens daily in all but the most inclement weather. Learning: Large motor skills, imagination and creativity, social skills, and natural science. It is hard to think of a skill not fostered during outdoor free play.