Annual Giving

Each year, parents, teachers, trustees, staff, friends, grandparents, and neighbors are able to impact the lives of the students at Spring Garden Waldorf School by contributing to the annual fund. Tax-deductible gifts to the annual fund go directly toward expenses such as teachers’ salaries, facility needs, classroom supplies, and tuition aid. Our Annual Giving theme this year is “Why I Give.”




Here is a letter from our Administrative Team Leader and former SGWS parent, Tracy Edwards:My husband Rich and I, along with our daughters Caroline and Ellie have been members of the SGWS community since 2002. Our entire family has experienced a tremendous educational experience and a warm and giving community where we forged deep, life-long connections.

Today I am writing to you to ask you to support the Annual Giving Campaign.  Each year we ask our community to support the day-to-day operations of our school by making a gift or pledge to the Annual Giving Campaign.  Last year SGWS parents responded enthusiastically by helping us surpass our goal ahead of schedule.  Thank you!

I have spent much time thinking about why someone would give to support the school, and I would like to share with you what the money supports and why I give.  The money raised through this campaign is vital to our daily work; it is a line item in the budget needed for our day–to-day operations.  Truly, we count on your support to balance our budget.  I also give to SGWS for more important reasons that come from my heart:

I give to SGWS because:

  • I believe fundamentally that we are all connected.  
  • Our children are learning that the way they interact in our world matters.
  • I believe this is the education that should be available to all children.
  • I believe these children will make a positive difference in the world.  
  • I see my donation being transformed by the experience these children are having, and in turn they will transform the world.

I encourage you to consider what motivates you to give.  We appreciate your continued commitment to our mission.  Above all, we are asking you to continue that support.  We are also asking you to consider prioritizing a gift over and beyond your annual giving for the next two years to accomplish our goal for the Raise the Roof Capital Campaign.

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