Annual Giving

Each year, parents, teachers, trustees, staff, friends, grandparents, and neighbors are able to impact the lives of the students at Spring Garden Waldorf School by contributing to the annual fund. Tax-deductible gifts to the annual fund go directly toward expenses such as teachers’ salaries, facility needs, classroom supplies, and tuition aid. Our Annual Giving theme this year is ‘Bridging the Gap”.




Spring Garden, like other independent schools, relies on gifts from the annual giving campaign to make up the difference between tuition and the actual cost of educating our students.  We are asking that you help us bridge this gap with your tax deductible donation.   Financial giving to the school supports our programs and allows us to remain accessible to families of many different economic circumstances.

The school’s financial strength is dependent upon the participation of all families, as well as others in the community. Your participation generates enthusiasm and encourages others to join in supporting the school.

Corporations typically contribute to independent schools by offering matching gifts to their employees contributions. Some families in our school are able to double their personal contributions through their employer’s matching gift programs – please check with your employer to see if such a program is in place where you work.