Raise The Roof Capital Campaign

Spring Garden Waldorf School began in 1981 when a group of local parents decided they were looking for a different option for schooling in the Akron area.  They studied many philosophies of education and eventually visited a Waldorf school in Ann Arbor, Michigan.  They returned to Akron inspired to start the first Waldorf School in Northeast Ohio.  The school began in the basement of a home and has now grown into a fully accredited Waldorf school of 170 students serving children from ages 3 through Grade 8.

In 2014, the Board of Trustees voted to embark on a capital campaign to build a gabled, asphalt shingled roof on our flat-roofed school building as the existing roof had outlived its useful life.  This building renovation was chosen because it is the most fiscally responsible solution over the long term, improves energy efficiency, allows for ease of installation and upgrades for electric and HVAC systems, provides necessary additional storage space and is aesthetically pleasing.

The project was divided into four phases and to date, three of the four phases of the roof project have been completed.  SGWS is just over 10% shy of reaching its total fundraising goal to complete the final section of the building.  Therefore, we respectfully ask you to consider donating today!  Your support would help us complete the project and ensure our children have the quality learning environment they deserve.

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