Raise The Roof Capital Campaign

Spring Garden Waldorf School began in 1981 when a group of local parents decided they were looking for a different option for schooling in the Akron area.  They studied many philosophies of education and eventually visited a Waldorf school in Ann Arbor, Michigan.  They returned to Akron inspired to start the first Waldorf School in Northeast Ohio.  The school began in the basement of a home and has now grown into a fully accredited Waldorf school of 170 students serving children from ages 3 through Grade 8.

We purchased our current school building in 1995.  Our building was originally built as a public elementary school building.  The building was built with a flat roof which has outlived its’ useful life.  For many years, we were patching active leaks and more often than not, had buckets in the halls to catch the water that would leak through the ceiling into the hallways and classrooms.  In 2013, our Board of Trustees tasked the Site Committee to find a more permanent solution to the mounting issues we were facing due to the aged, flat roof.

Our site committee, at the time, consisted of an architect, an engineer, a college professor, a lawyer, and our facilities manager.  This group of dedicated volunteers investigated numerous options and ultimately proposed to the Board of Trustees that we build a gabled, asphalt shingled roof over top of the current flat roof.  They chose this building renovation because it is the most fiscally responsible solution over the long term, improves energy efficiency, allows for ease of installation and upgrades for electric and HVAC systems, and is aesthetically pleasing.

In 2014, the Board of Trustees voted to embark on a capital campaign to build the gabled, asphalt shingled roof on our flat-roofed school building.

The entire cost of this building improvement was initially $736,000.  SGWS has only $100,000 left to raise through an active capital campaign we have christened “Raise the Roof.”  

As of today, this capital improvement is three-quarters of the way to completion.  We have built and funded a gabled, asphalt shingled roof over three wings of the building with one wing left to cover.  This final wing has active leaks which we are patching until we raise the funds to complete the campaign.

Please consider donating today to help Raise the Roof and bring the campaign to completion.

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More Information about our Capital Campaign – Raise the Roof:

The project is designed to be completed in phases over 4 years. The work is scheduled for summer months so as to avoid any disruption to the academic year:
Phase 1: North Wing: complete and paid for summer of 2014
Phase 2: West Wing and Center of building: complete and paid for summer of 2015
Phase 3: East Wing: complete and paid for summer 2016
Phase 4: South Wing; scheduled for summer 2017

Through our Raise the Roof campaign, we will be able to better serve the families and students of SGWS as well as the larger community. Thank you for opening your heart and financially supporting this project…together, we can Raise the Roof!

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