One of the unique characteristics of Waldorf education is that we do not use computers to teach the children in the classroom. The need to create a distance learning program that would involve the use of technology has given us the opportunity to be creative and thoughtful about what our students’ experience will be over these next few weeks as they begin distance learning.

The essential elements of Waldorf education, include developmentally appropriate concepts, hands on learning, relevance of information, development of intrinsic motivation, building character, and finding joy in the learning process will help the students to be successful in their distance learning. Here are some small examples of what distance learning looks/sounds like for the students of Spring Garden Waldorf School. These are not examples of entire lessons. They are a glimpse into our approach to distance learning.

Main Lesson Examples:

Class Two, First Day of Distance Learning

Class Five, April 1st, Perseus

Class Eight, Physics

Special Subject Examples (Grades 1-8 have Spanish, Physical Education, Instrumental Music, Gardening, Choral Music, and Handwork during the school week.) :

Grades 1-4 Handwork Teacher Communication to Parents

Class One, Extra Lesson

Class Two, Physical Education

Class Three Spanish

Class Four Gardening

Class Five Music

Class Six Instrumental Music