Spring Garden Waldorf School is a community of people united in the mission of teaching, inspiring, and caring for the well-being of our children. At Spring Garden, as is true with all Waldorf schools, our experienced educators are in charge of student curriculum, while the administration concerns itself with the everyday business of running a healthy school. But it is our active parents that make Spring Garden a vibrant and welcoming community – donating 30 hours of service per family for celebrations, special events, fundraising, and general support.

Our community embraces active parent involvement, openness, economic and social diversity, consensus, and teamwork. Our families, teachers, and staff share the responsibilities and rewards of participating in our school community. Parents play essential roles as advocates for their children and as partners in enriching
our community with their ideas, interests, talents, resources, and concerns.

Parents contribute to the health of the school by supporting school policies and procedures. This allows families to experience the warmth of a community, working together with shared values and a common interest in its students’ education.


Spring Garden Waldorf School recognizes that immunizations prevent the occurrence and spread of certain communicable diseases. We also recognize that immunizations are a safeguard to the school community in preventing the spread of disease.

The school follows immunization requirements put in place for all schools (public and private) chartered in the State of Ohio by the Ohio Department of Education. These requirements consist of keeping detailed records of each student’s vaccine history.

We recognize that health education, hygiene, adequate nutrition, and immunizations are essential to preventing infectious disease and that a parent’s decision how to support their child’s health is a decision made in consultation with their family doctor.

In the case of an outbreak, our school community would be required to follow the guidelines established by the State of Ohio, which includes exclusion from school for students exempting from certain vaccinations.

Every student must have a current, dated, and signed immunization record or immunization exemption form on file.