Remote Learning

Remote Learning is an option given to families of students who do not wish to return to school due to health and safety concerns. Our Remote Learning program serves those students by providing a Live Stream of their in-session classes, so that they can follow along and learn remotely from their teachers.

Remote Learning this Trimester?  Please read our Remote Learning Welcome Letter.

The Remote Learning option is available to families by Trimester.

  • Enrollment requests to be part of the the program for Trimester 2 must be emailed to Rocky Lewis, by November 10, 2020.
  • Enrollment requests to be part of the the program for Trimester 3 must be emailed to Rocky Lewis, by February 25, 2021.

To help support students whose teachers may not be available online during live class, we have a Remote Learning Coordinator, who is available for one-on-one meetings with students and families with questions. This coordinator will also help make sure students are receiving and returning their assignments through Google Classroom.

Our Remote Learning students begin their day at 8:30 and end their day at 3:10. They watch the Live Stream through Zoom and will be muted until instructed otherwise by their teachers. All engagement for Remote learners is guided by the teacher who, when and if the time comes, will instruct those learning online to unmute and then explain parameters for participating with the live class.

Here are some frequently asked questions about our Remote Learning Program. 

Will my student be engaging in the live classroom through Zoom?
Your student will be watching the Live Stream of class, but and will engage live with peers and / or the teacher only when prompted to do so by their teacher.

What if my student has questions during class?
Students may ask a question in class, however they must follow their individual teacher’s protocol for doing so. Student’s with in depth questions, requiring a large amount of one-on-one support,  should direct their questions to the Remote Learning Coordinator who will help them during office hours or another designated time.

Will my student be able to interact with their peers?
Students will only be able to engage with class peers when instructed to do so by the teacher.

What happens when the school is in Hybrid or Distance Learning?
Any time your student’s classmates are on campus learning, your student will be Remote Learning. When you student’s classmates are learning online through Distance Learning, your student will join them in the Distance Learning Zoom classroom at the regularly scheduled time.

How will my student participate in gym class of other collaborative classes while online?
Some curriculum that requires collaboration will not be possible for our remote learners, but our teachers will do their best to consider the remote learners in their class. If participation is not possible, teachers will instruct Remote Learners to do a related asynchronous activity.

Will my student be on campus at all? Will there still be meet up days?
There will no longer be meetup days. Your students will remain off campus.

If you have additional questions or need more information about the Remote Learning option, please contact Rocky Lewis.