Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees is the publicly recognized body of the school, responsible for the school’s overall
financial and legal health. Its membership consists of three members of the faculty; a representative of Parent
Council; and up to thirteen members elected at-large. The Director of Administration and the Pedagogical Director are ex officio members of the Board. The Board of Trustees meets monthly; twice yearly these meetings are held as Joint Board-Faculty Meetings to support the school’s mission and purposes.

Meeting Minutes can be found here on our website.

Board of Trustees

Bridget Ambrisco, President
Jen Vereb, Vice President
Joyce Gordon, Treasurer
Dionne LaRue, Secretary
Ken Ambler
Gabrielle Aryeetey
Stephanie Bailey

Board of Trustees, con’t

Miriam Daniel

Daren Brake

Darrin Griggy

Dan Kavouras

Brenda Leighton

Kristen Oberhaus

Kyle Strnad