Financial Aid

We believe that all students should have access to the enriching, holistic curriculum offered in Waldorf Education, regardless of their family’s ability to afford full tuition. This is why we offer a number of supports for families who are choosing a Waldorf education for their child(ren).

EdChoice Scholarships Accepted

We accept all EdChoice scholarships at Spring Garden Waldorf. EdChoice is a state funded program that offers vouchers to K–12 students who are assigned to low-performing public schools or whose family qualifies via household income at, or, below 200 percent of the federal poverty level.

Click here for more information about EdChoice Scholarships.

FACTS Tuition Assistance

We dedicate a portion of our annual budget to our tuition assistance program and partner with FACTS as a third party to help determine aid eligibility for all interested families. Once a child is accepted into Spring Garden Waldorf School, the family may request financial assistance through FACTS.

The Process:

Step 1) Families complete an application for Spring Garden and are accepted.

Step 2) Those interested in applying for tuition assistance will set an appointment to meet with the Finance Director, who will review the school’s philosophy and policy for tuition assistance.

Step 3) Families submit an application to FACTS and provide supporting documentation to be considered for assistance.

Step 4) The Tuition Assistance Committee makes need-based assistance awards and informs families.

Read our Tuition Assistance Policy