Waldorf Early Childhood

Our Early Childhood Program is an extension of the family experience; a step between home and formal schooling.

The day’s activities unfold in an unhurried way with each day following the same rhythm, giving the child a sense of security and consistency. The program is based on the understanding that young children learn primarily through imitation and play. This program is held with a significant amount of time being spent outdoors in all seasons with exceptions made only for very inclement weather.

Our teachers focus on fostering the small child’s imagination, creativity, and the will to focus and follow through on difficult tasks. This is done through storytelling, music, modeling of chores, outdoor play, and artistic activities. Early academic foundations are formed through these activities. As just a few examples, finger knitting cultivates small motor skills, eye tracking, and patterned thinking; puppetry and story helps children develop memory and language acuity and attention span; taking turns to talk during snack develops impulse control and working memory; and nature walks increase large motor abilities and scientific curiosity. The sharing of practical activities such as snack preparation and clean up starts the child on the path toward personal responsibility and respect for others.

We offer four classrooms in our program:

The Bluebell Garden – This classroom is for 3 and 4 year old students just beginning in a school environment. The program serves as an extension of home as they are gently led through a warm and nurturing day that includes plenty of outdoor time, free play and modeling of adult behavior. This classroom offers full day and half day options for 3 or 5 days a week.

The Dahlia Garden, The Lavender Garden and The Lilac Garden – These three classrooms serve children ages four through kindergarten. Our preschool students are learning academic capacities while also receiving mentoring from older children. Our kindergarten students experience the same program, but with different expectations from their teachers as they serve as mentors and helpers in class, and are often given different layers of activities from their younger peers. The kindergarten children are able to both learn and teach one another in a structured and secure, unhurried day. These classrooms offer full day and half day options for 3 or 5 days a week.