Committees and Contacts

We are always looking for engaged parents to serve on our school Committees, Parent Council and Board of Trustees. If you are seeking to be heard and make a difference here at Spring Garden Waldorf School, being on a committee is a great way to help. If any of the following interest you, please call the office or email for more information.

Board of Trustees
The Board of Trustees is the publicly recognized body of the school, responsible for the school’s overall financial and legal health. Its membership consists of three members of the faculty; a representative of Parent Spring Garden Waldorf School Parent Council; and up to thirteen members elected at-large.
Contact: Jen Vereb (See Directory)

Ambassador Committee
A committee dedicated to helping families feel welcome and become oriented with our larger school community. Contact: Rocky Lewis, [email protected]

Development Committee
Assists in Community Development and Fundraising Initiatives including our Annual Benefit Auction.
Contact: Joanna Caley, [email protected]

DEI Committee
Helps foster institutional diversity, equity, and inclusion by listening to the DEI needs in our community; facilitating DEI education with the Board, Faculty, Staff, and Parent Community; and supporting policy, programming, and events that encourage institutional diversity, equity, and inclusion.
Contact: Rocky Lewis, [email protected]

Marketing Committee
Assists in Admission and Marketing Initiatives including Children’s Festival, Market Days and more.
Contact: Rocky Lewis, [email protected]

Parent Council
Promotes community enrichment and communication. It also acts as a constructive link between the Board of Trustees, the faculty, and the parent body at large.
Contact: Tricia Cottrell (See Directory)

Site Committee
Assists in the Maintenance and development of facilities and grounds.
Contact: Matt Plevarkis, [email protected]